Wine Cellaring

To enhance the enjoyment of our portfolio of wines, we recommend that your wine be cellared between 12 and 15 degrees Celsius with a relative humidity level of between 65% and 75% in a well ventilated environment.†


If you do not want to install an air conditioner we recommend you store your wine in its cardboard carton as this acts as a natural insulator and avoids the wine being subject to varying temperatures.

Store the bottles horizontally and cellar conditions need to be dark and free from vibrations with consistent temperatures to achieve optimum results.†

When organising your collection, dividing your cellar into two sections, each assigned to a different type of wine such as red or white, or dry or sweet is ideal.† Put the wines you are likely to drink sooner within armís reach and long-term agers behind or below them to resist temptation!

Monitoring your wines is also important, as all wines have their own calendar and will peak at varying times.† Wines have a youth, a maturity and an old age, with the middle period being the best.† The only way to monitor wines and determine when they have hit their prime is to taste a bottle from the group and decide for yourself.

Cellaring wines can be one of the most self satisfying past times with so many advantages,† especially when unexpected guests drop in for an impromptu dinner party!

For more information refer to James Halliday, one of Australia's most respected wine writers. His titles include:

  • Collecting Wine You and Your Cellar
  • Classic Wines of Australia and NZ