Who does not love a good weekend getaway? There are so many places that just excite the goosebumps out of you thinking of a long weekend spent far from the stressed working mechanism that your home city holds. It is always nice to travel and explore the places that you have never been to before but it does not matter where you have been to a place or not, the thing about weekends is to sit back and relax. Here are a few places in Australia that you can visit to find that relaxing satisfaction, especially boat hire mackay.

St. Jerome’s – The Hotel, Melbourne

This particular place is what you need after a long week of tiring workload. This unique place holds camps situated at the rooftops, providing a luxurious view of the panoramic sights the city holds for its residents. The camps have been designed to provide you with the best of comfort. You do not have to climb tiring mountains in order to witness the night sky full of stars anymore.


Although the city itself does not have many attractive tourist destinations that may be a good place for a weekend getaway. But the natural beauty that it holds within is enough to make the tourists go crazy. The crystal blue waters surrounded by rain forests that go wildly green under the sun shining brightly is just what you need to relax your worries.


You might be a food enthusiast that wants to spend the weekend eating good or distinct food. Even for that, we have a suitable option here in Australia. A city called Darwin is one of the unique cities of the country that is close to Asia and holds a tropical vibe that leaves the tourists restless with a quench of desire. The food there is a combination of the two continents and is bound to hold your taste buds to wanting more.

Jamala Wildlife lodge

Have you ever witnessed luxury surrounded with nature? Even if you have, you might not have seen nature crawling with the beasts of the wild. This luxurious lodge has all the facilities and comfort that you might need from a weekend getaway accompanied with the adventurous thrill that is offered by the zoo and aquarium that surrounds the lodge.

Spicers hidden vale

This particular place is situated an hour drive from Brisbane. It holds the quiet and calmness of the weekend that you would desire at the end of the day. The vale is cornered with the luxurious country vibes holding romantic food accompanied with the soft tunes of slow music and adventurous thrill such as horse riding all in the serenity of that place.

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