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There is absolutely nothing that ages half as gracefully as wine does. The lush grapes and the long fermentation processes are no good if the barrels are not left untouched for years and years. Not only does age add to the taste of the wine, but it also helps it fetch high prices. But how many of you understand how wine is made? How are the grapes grown? What ensures the best quality wine? What makes wine vintage?

most amazing vineyards

So, Brand New Vintage is here to provide you vineyard tours like never before. We take you through some of the most amazing vineyards in the country with grapes growing like nowhere else.

Our Vineyard tours

Our Vineyard tours are all about enlightening you with the best vineyard practices that yield the best wine for you.
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vineyard tours

Through our vineyard tours, not only do you get to observe our crops and grapes growing but practically take part in the process too. We allow our visitors to take part in some of the activities that are fun-filled and pleasurable. So, in taking part, they not only learn but enjoy. This is also what sets apart our vineyard tours from several others that are boring because of its all observation and no work.

Our grape collection

Our grape collection process is open to observation. Here, we not only show our lush grapes and their quality at harvest time but also show the delicate picking and storing of these grapes. Either way, we show our authentic experience from start to the very end.

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Serviced Apartments Brisbane

Are you planning to travel or stay in Brisbane for a short term or prolonged period? Well, you need to stay in a place where you will be comfortable in your entire stay period. One of the greatest ways to stay comfortable is to stay in serviced apartments. So what are serviced apartments?

Serviced apartments are those residential places where you stay for either a long or short period while receiving all the hotel-like services. Most business persons and travellers love service apartments because of the comfort they provide. You have a lot of features to enjoy your stay.

But is it so easy to get a serviced apartment in Brisbane? What features do you look out for when searching for the right serviced apartment that will match your needs? In this article, we are going to give you some of the features you should look out for when searching for serviced apartments in Brisbane. Let’s dive in and explore.

Factors to Consider when Looking for Serviced Apartments in Brisbane

Its welcoming packs

Serviced apartments should make every person feel at home, and therefore the services are offered in such a way that they don’t drain your pocket. They also give welcoming packs like coffee, fruit juices, water, and such things right on the day of arrival as a welcoming pack for you. This will generally feel at home.

Their services

A well-serviced apartment in Brisbane tends to work with other service providers in the region. This will include other great service providers in swimming, travelling, gyms, and even restaurants. You may be surprised to know that some serviced apartment providers will negotiate with these people on your behalf so that they can slice the prices for you. So if you are a workout person, you might find some gym membership into one of the service providers in the region.

Their mattresses

This may not seem to be a great factor but believe me that this a really important and crucial aspect of every traveller. After having a long day on the shore or in their outings, they need to have a sound sleep. One factor that contributes to sound sleep is a great mattress. This is the same case as the business personnel. You may have seen reviews of customers that never liked the mattresses of certain serviced apartments. So why not check at it before going there.

Its location

So what will you be doing in Brisbane? If your activities are based in the town centre, then you will need a serviced apartment right in the city. For travellers, they may need a serviced apartment near to their destination. In whichever case, the location matters. How close are the attraction sights that you are planning to visit? How close is it to the business premises you want to be striking your deals with? How accessible is it?


The last thing we want anyone to experience is having a nightmare of losing their lives due to insecurity in the chosen serviced apartment. How secure is the apartment where you will be spending some months? If it cannot provide you with the needed security right from the room to its environs, then you should not choose it.

Getting a serviced apartments Brisbane is not hard, as wrong as you are willing to get the best that fits your taste. The above factors will be of great help.

Top 5 Places To Visit In Australia For a Weekend Getaway

Who does not love a good weekend getaway? There are so many places that just excite the goosebumps out of you thinking of a long weekend spent far from the stressed working mechanism that your home city holds. It is always nice to travel and explore the places that you have never been to before but it does not matter where you have been to a place or not, the thing about weekends is to sit back and relax. Here are a few places in Australia that you can visit to find that relaxing satisfaction, especially boat hire mackay.

St. Jerome’s – The Hotel, Melbourne

This particular place is what you need after a long week of tiring workload. This unique place holds camps situated at the rooftops, providing a luxurious view of the panoramic sights the city holds for its residents. The camps have been designed to provide you with the best of comfort. You do not have to climb tiring mountains in order to witness the night sky full of stars anymore.


Although the city itself does not have many attractive tourist destinations that may be a good place for a weekend getaway. But the natural beauty that it holds within is enough to make the tourists go crazy. The crystal blue waters surrounded by rain forests that go wildly green under the sun shining brightly is just what you need to relax your worries.


You might be a food enthusiast that wants to spend the weekend eating good or distinct food. Even for that, we have a suitable option here in Australia. A city called Darwin is one of the unique cities of the country that is close to Asia and holds a tropical vibe that leaves the tourists restless with a quench of desire. The food there is a combination of the two continents and is bound to hold your taste buds to wanting more.

Jamala Wildlife lodge

Have you ever witnessed luxury surrounded with nature? Even if you have, you might not have seen nature crawling with the beasts of the wild. This luxurious lodge has all the facilities and comfort that you might need from a weekend getaway accompanied with the adventurous thrill that is offered by the zoo and aquarium that surrounds the lodge.

Spicers hidden vale

This particular place is situated an hour drive from Brisbane. It holds the quiet and calmness of the weekend that you would desire at the end of the day. The vale is cornered with the luxurious country vibes holding romantic food accompanied with the soft tunes of slow music and adventurous thrill such as horse riding all in the serenity of that place.

The grassing of the vineyard, the secret for lush vines and excellent wine

The grassing of the vineyard is a practice of cultivation of the land widely used by wineries , not only to save in terms of costs and effort, but also because it contributes to the goodness of the final product: the wine .

This technique consists in the creation of a meadow in the vineyard , formed by the best herbs for this purpose and able to create a biological balance between microorganisms and soil insects. It is also able to reduce the problems that the vine could develop.

In this article we will explain what exactly the vineyard coverings consist of, how you can manage it and what are the pros and cons.

The grassing can be of two types:

  • spontaneous , obtained by letting the flora grow in the vine without any human intervention. Spontaneous grassing can however be counterproductive: although the economic expenditure is practically nil, the final result may not correspond to your needs. In fact, spontaneously growing herbs can be competitive with the vine that, remember, must remain your main crop
  • artificial , obtained through the sowing of a mixture of four or five species of grasses and a variable percentage of legumes . This solution, more expensive from an economic point of view and required care, allows you to obtain a turf that resists trampling and will then be able to help you in your fight against pests

The importance given to grassing is linked to the way in which this limits the erosion of the steeply sloping land . In fact, in processed soils, atmospheric agents carry finer particles and nutrients down, 

impoverishing the higher areas. One of the ways you can prevent your soil from becoming impoverished and eroding is by leaving it grassed, that is, not worked during the autumn and winter. In this way, your land, be it a vine or an orchard, will maintain a constant presence of organic substances.

Visit Martha’s Vineyard: tips, tips and useful information to experience the island of Massachusetts

One of the things to be absolutely expected once you arrive in the famous Cape Cod Peninsula is to use it as a base point to explore the islands of  Martha’s Vineyard  and Nantucket , two realities whose charm of New England perhaps finds its highest expression

Often, however, when one finds oneself to organize the itinerary of this part of the North East of the United States , 

it is strongly debated whether to visit both of them or to focus only on one of the two starting from the assumption that they are quite similar and therefore, given a view also the other one. This instead would be a great mistake! 

According to an ancient legend, the two islands are twin sisters but in reality they are very different from each other. Martha’s Vineyard is above all much more extensive, offers a greater variety of landscape elements and has a more “democratic” atmosphere. Nantucket, on the other hand, is an island with softer lines so as to seem designed and is above all more elitist. A difference therefore that you will find in the landscape, in the atmosphere and in the people who live the two islands . Conclusion, if the days of your trip allow it, plan to visit both ! 

There is certainly an element that unites them: they are two destinations that are decidedly out of reach from an economic point of view. Staying on the island, especially during the summer, is really expensive, besides the fact that you have to book very widely in advance. 

On our journey we went to the discovery of both choosing the solution of the day trip taking as a strategic base the town of Hyannis . The first we landed on was  Martha’s Vineyard , also known as the Presidents’ Island because of their attendance: from the Kennedys to the Clintons passing through Obama , “my” favorite former president, who every year never fails to spend a few days here . As it happens, he would have spent a short stay just the day after my visit. To know it before, I would have changed my itinerary, maybe I would have found myself in line to take the famous donuts of Back Door Donuts … !!!

How to Reach Martha’s Vineyard

The company The Steamship Authority with its many connections via ferry is definitely the fastest and most affordable solution. To save on the ticket, leave  from Woods Hole , the embarkation point not far from Falmouth, you can reach the island of Martha’s in just 45 minutes by disembarking in Vineyard Haven or in Oak Bluffs . The cost per person is $ 17 for the round trip. 

An important aspect to consider, if like us you decide to move around the islands without a car, it is where you leave it: at the ferry terminal there are in fact no parking spaces and the parking lots are all located quite far from Woods Hole . Moreover, the nearest ones are occupied rather quickly from the early hours of the morning.

Consider arriving well in advance of the scheduled departure time of the ferry , at least two hours. Yes, because once you have parked your car (the cost is around $ 16 all day) you will have to line up to take the (free) shuttles that connect the parking lots to Woods Hole and to travel the route they can use even more than 20 minutes. Let’s say that the die is not the simplest, but then you will be rewarded for the effort made once you get to Martha’s Vineyard . 

Alternatively you can start with the Hy Line Cruises which connects Hyannis to Oak Bluffs by fast ferry and allows you to get there in 55 minutes of navigation. The round-trip cost is $ 59 per person. The first ferry leaves at 8am from Hyannis, and the last to return at 8.40pm (check the timetable table on the spot as it may be subject to variations).

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